Dome Magnifiers
Dome Magnifiers are shaped magnifiers which are placed directly onto the page, providing a steady, focused image. The magnifier can be moved across the page to view the text, and can also be used hands free on the page.

The dome shaping of the magnifier helps to increase the illumination of whatever is being viewed as it's shape naturally guides the light onto the page. Dome magnifiers are ideal for magnifying and reading newspapers, maps, legal documents, contracts and much more ...

51mm Dome Magnifier
  • Light gathering dome magnifier
  • Non scratch base Optical grade acrylic
  • View anything at twice the size
  • Supplied in a convenient drawstring microfibre bag
  • Uniquely illuminates without the need for LED's or batteries
  • Glides effortlessly across the surface
  • Could also be used as a paperweight
64mm Dome Magnifier, features as above +
  • View more than with the 51mm magnifier
  • View anything at twice the size
  • Supplied in a luxury silk lined gift box
  • Quality wooden base
   Postage & Packing:  £7.49

Dome Size
Dome Magnifiers
Dome Magnifiers Dome Magnifiers
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RRP: £23.35
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