Easi-Grip Scissors - Children's Range

Here you will find Mini-Easi Grip, Easi Grip Scissors, Dual control Training Scissors, Long Loop, Self Opening Scissors and more. Using scissors is a complex motor control activity. Our wide range of adapted scissors assists the child with special needs to develop this important skill.  The children's range feature shorter & rounded blades (for safety) compared to those of the adult range. 

Mini Easi-Grip®
Ideal for young children - those with restricted growth, or for fine craft work
Easi-Grip Scissors (45mm) -  Left & Right Hand Versions
Continuous loop plastic handle automatically reopens the scissor when pressure is released
Long Loop Scissors - Left and Right Hand Versions
Superb control of cutting action achieved through maintenance of grip position
Dual Control Training Scissors - Left & Right Hand Versions
Double loops on each handle allow a teacher and child to simultaneously complete the cutting action. Rounded blade
Long Loop Easi-Grip® Scissors - Left & Right Hand Versions
Long Loop handle helps with gripping positions
Self Opening Scissors - Left & Right Handed Versions
Spring fitted to automatically re-open the scissors. Designed to assist with poor hand control and weak grip.
Easi-Grip® Stand
Use to convert Easi-Grip® scissors into table-top scissors
Mounted Table Top Scissors
Suitable for use by those with only one functional hand
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