Indoor Kurling Stones

Kurling sports game without ice!  – the unique stones contain bearings to work on smooth surfaces. Set of eight stones, each 180mm (7”) dia. X 90mm (3 ½”) high

Kurling Target Mat - Vinyl Kurling target map – 1200mm (47 ¼“) square
Kurling Pusher Heads & Handles Set - Plastic pushers with telescopic handles that are easily adjustable within a range of 830-1260mm (32 ½ - 49 ½”). Ideal for use by individuals who have difficulty bending down to release or collect kurling stones. Supplied as set of 2 pusher heads and handles.
Kurling Stones Holdall Bag - designed to hold and transport 8 Kurling stones safely.  W420 x D230 x H350mm (16 ½ x 9 x 13 ¾”)

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Indoor Kurling Stones
Indoor Kurling Stones Indoor Kurling Stones
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