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Springtime Market, The Teddy Bear's Picnic and Granny's Garden are new from the Gibson Jigsaw puzzles range and are ideal for those with sight difficulties and handling difficulties.  Pieces are twice the area of normal 1,000 pieces. They feature fun, colourful images that will also be eye catching for the young puzzler.  Made with thicker board.  Puzzle Size:  680 x 486 mm.

Horses for Courses
Horses and their riders come to this popular one day event. By Sarah Adams
A Welcome Delivery
The familiar purple Cadbury van is a welcome sight! By artist Terry Harrison
Cat Nap
After lunch, what better than a quick forty winks? By artist Linda Jane Smith
Cats On Holiday - New for 2014
Who ever said cats are afraid of water? By artist Peter Adderley
Christmas Post!
The most important time of the year for the village postman! By artist Trevor Mitchell
Meeting the Locals
Some newly arrived Yanks acquaint themselves with the locals. By artist Derek Roberts
Outside the Regent
It's a busy day on the high street with many locals coming down to The Regent. By artist Trevor Mitchell
Puppies will be Puppies  - New for 2014
No good crying over spilt milk! By artist Debbie Cook
Rollicking Rafters
The raft race is in full swing - the winner is anyone's guess! By the artist John Francis
Swings and Roundabouts  - New for 2014
The park is the perfect place to have fun By artist Sarah Adams
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