Life Times ColorCards: World War 11

48 photographic cards from Speechmark depicting life during 1939-1945 when the world was at war and daily experiences were defined by that event. An accompanying booklet contains ideas for use and discussion points.

Here we see people, places and events that shaped everyday life and left an enduring legacy to all involved. Subjects include: Army, Navy and Air Force, School Life, Family Life, Evacuation, Air Raids and shelter, Political figures, Entertainment,  Home Guard, Land Army, Digging for Victory,  Rationing, Prisoners of War, Remembrance … and many others…

Each card has an image relating to an aspect of life during the Second World War – Land Girls working with farmers to bring in a harvest; bombed out houses caused by flying bombs; evacuated children complete with labels. The cards are suitable for use in a whole range of environments and will encourage participants to recall and discuss their own personal experiences.

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Life Times ColorCards: World War 11
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