MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier

The MonoMouse (+ your TV) is perfect for reading newspapers, magazines, books, prescription bottles, cooking instructions, food labels, bills, statements and much more. Installation is easy, just plug the MonoMouse into any regular television, switch it on and enjoy reading even the smallest text as a large, sharp image on your screen. Operation couldn't be easier because your television will automatically switch to the correct channel for using your MonoMouse and will automatically switch back to the channel that you were watching once you switch the MonoMouse off. This feature is unique to our European SCART products.

How it works:

  1. Simply plug the MonoMouse into any regular television, connect the power and press the large blue button.
  2. Your television will change to the correct channel automatically
  3. Hold the MonoMouse in your hand, just like a tennis ball or computer mouse, and whatever you move your hand over appears magnified on your television

That's it  Enjoy-Able reading! 

Low (13x) & High (24x) magnification choices :

Compatible with any TV using SCART input, Ergonomic and easy to use. 24x (High) magnification on a 20" TV 13x (Low) magnification on a 20" TV.  Auto detect SCART connection. 9 feet of easy store cable.  Durable, CE approved, built to last.

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MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier
MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier MonoMouse Electronic Magnifier
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