Pill Poppet

What is Poppet?  A quick and easier way to remove and organise pills for everyday use. De-blistering pills from various pill packs and collects them in the handle, enabling the user to place the correct pill in an organiser. Takes away the need to handle small and awkward pills. Compact and lightweight for transportation 
What’s the benefit?  Less intricacy require for pushing pills out of pill packs, especially for elderly/arthritic pill users who can struggle with pill packs. Saves a lot of time and unnecessary fiddling by combining pill de-blistering with pill pouring for faster and easier pill preparation (i.e. for at the beginning of the week).

Postage & Packing:  £2.99 

Pill Poppet
Pill Poppet Pill Poppet
Order No. ELT080
Price: £3.99
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