Rainbowchute + Accessories

Ideal for increasing co-operation, interaction and social skills, the Rainbowchute has a drawstring centre, strong nylon handles and 10mm braided polyester rope cord sewn into the hem. The mesh and stitching of the vent hole allows free flow of air but prevents any objects from falling through. Manufactured from washable ripstop nylon in strips.

15-18 Users - Dimensions: Diameter: 3700mm (145").

25-31 Users - Dimensions: Diameter: 6000mm (236").

Parachute Games Book: The ideal resource for parachute canopies containing 24 pages packed with idea on ball games, team games, exercises and more. Sold separately.

Resource Kit:  Everything you need for playing parachute games, plus a bag for carrying it all in. Set includes: 10 Rainbow Foam Balls, 6 Bean Bag Scarves, 3 each of Bean Bag Cats, Bean Bag Dogs, 2 each of Spordas, Super Duty Beach Balls, Spordas E-Z Balls, Playground Balls and 1 carry bag. Sold separately.

Postage & Packing Parachutes: £4.99, Parachute Book: £1.99, Resource Kit:  £4.99

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Rainbowchute + Accessories
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