The Winslow® Quiz Book

Edited By Robin Dynes

This completely revised edition of Winslow¹s bestselling Quiz Book contains more than 2,000 questions categorised into 40 stimulating subjects.

  • Designed for those who use quizzes as a group activity, the questions are grouped into three ability levels with a layout that enables the organiser to rapidly locate the required topic.
  • Topics cover areas such as cookery, animals, sport, home, spellings, history and general knowledge.
  • Features questions that are realistically within the scope of the average person.

Introduction; Sport; Popular music; What is it?; Air water; All to do with numbers; Inventions discoveries; Homes; Do-it-Yourself; Famous men; Famous women; Places of interest: Europe; Places of interest: rest of World; Collective nouns; Pastimes leisure pursuits; Pets; Gardening; Entertainers; Similes; Science nature; Myths, tales legends; Capital cities; Animals; Birds; Proverbs sayings; Art design; Spelling; Medical matters; Male/female genders their young; Bible; Literature; The World Wars; Classical music; Abbreviations; Parts of the human body; History; Cookery; Rhymes poetry; Geography: Europe; Geography: the Americas; Geography: rest of World; General knowledge 1; General knowledge 2; General knowledge 3; General knowledge 4; General knowledge 5; General knowledge 6; General knowledge 7; General knowledge 8; General knowledge 9; General knowledge 10.

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The Winslow® Quiz Book
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