Play Boccia | Tippin Target | Floor Basketball | Giant Go4Goal

Giant Floor Target Games, Tippin Targets & Dart Ball Target Games are some of our very popular Throwing Games.

Tippin’ Target
Versatile adjustable angle target game
Foam Ring Target Game
Game comprises 12 rings and a base - for use indoors or out
Spordas™ Soff-Ring™ Toss Set
Safe, soft ring throwing "Hoopla" game
Target Mat Game
Great for developing or retaining hand-eye co-ordination and throwing accuracy
Dart Ball Target Game
A safe, fun Velcro® target game that is played like darts
Giant Colour Floor Target
A fun throwing game of gigantic proportions!
Nytarp Floor Dart Game
Provides excellent practice for hand eye co-ordination & upper arm movement
Nytarp Floor Target
Giant Floor Target - scoring is made simple by the large numbers
Beanbag Toss Board
Fun and beneficial - improve active range of motion and strength
Economy Floor Basketball Net
Lightweight economy basketball net
Tippin' Target Throws Set
Throwing equipment ideal for use with the Tippin' Target
Floor Basketball
For play from a standing or seated position - includes flat-packed ball & pump
Giant Go4Goal
Helps to improve and maintain coordination whilst having fun
Play Boccia Set
Boccia - enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or ability
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